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Zoom Help Page

Below are links to two videos and two pdfs with Zoom help. Due to receint changes to Zoom, some of these are now a little out of date, but still useful. I will try to point out differences you may see with each video.

How Do I Join a Zoom Meeting? This video shows joining on a laptop computer, but joining on a tablet is similar. Joining on a desktop with video and audio is really the same. Nice description of some things to know about when you have joined the meeting.

Join Zoom through the Browser. The pop-up windows you will see are larger now, but cancel them just the same. It may take some time for the message ending in "Join from your browser" to appear. You may have to click on "click here" to get the message. If another window pops up just cancel it.

Cindy Drozda's Zoom Tutorial.

A screenshot/diagram illustrating Zoom features – by the Susquehanna Woodturners.